Skyrim Screenshots Skyrim Screenshots Cordelephant Iron Patriot I thought this looked pretty epic. 176392566 ironman Mach 6 Armor The mach 6 texture of my Ironman Armor mod. 176392564 Ironman Mach 6 Armor the original Ironman Mach 6 armor. 176392563 Ironman Stealth Armor the Stealth armor texture in my ironman Armor mod. 176392562 Ironman Stealth Armor The black armor that, according to the comics, could make the wearer invisible, and move silently. 176392565 Ironman Patriot Armor the Patriot texture in my Ironman Armor mod. 176392559 Ironman Patriot Armor gotta love the glowing star on my chest. 176392560