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Test Realm Update (May 2013)

Posted by cordelephant2 on May 22, 2013 at 10:05 PM

New test Realm features released!

the following changes and things have been added and made:


Let the music play, in a whole new way!

Find these new Playable Musical Instruments in the Crown Shop for Crowns and Gold. Place these furniture items in your house or dorm, and start playing! Make sure your Music Volume is up if you want to hear these instruments!.


We're starting with a four piece band: Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drum Kit and Keyboards!

With these new Playable Musical Instruments you can:

Play preset music loops

Sync up preset music between all your instruments

Compose your own music (up to 700 notes!)

Sync up your own music with other people who are playing the instruments in a house!

Instruments come with 8 preset loops.

Loop 8 for both the Toy Piano and the Lead Guitar is the Wizard City theme

Friends can compose music at your house



Tournaments are an extension of our current Player vs Player system that allows you to match up and compete in a longer term matches that will get you special rewards! If you like Ranked pvp, you'll LOVE tournaments!

How do I play?

If you're level 10 or higher, speak to Diego in Unicorn Way - follow his instructions and he will send you inside the PvP zone. Use the Tournament Pedestal to see what Tournaments are scheduled. To join a Tournament, click the Tournament Name. You can join a Tournament by yourself, or with a group (if you are in a group!)

What happens in a Tournament?

Tournament duels last for a set amount of time depending on the type of Tournament. A 1v1 Tournament lasts for 60 minutes. A 2v2 Tournament lasts for 80 minutes. A 3v3 and a 4v4 Tournament lasts for 120 minutes. If your match runs out of time, Diego will determine the winner based on how he calculates the remainder of the duel will play out. Each Tournament will have a set number of opponents to duel. You are not out of the Tournament the first time you are defeated - everyone will play four matches within a tournament!

What can I Win?

Everyone who participates in a Tournament gets a reward! When you compete in a Tournament you have a chance to win exclusive Tournament Prizes such as rare mounts, rare pets and lots of other surprises. The higher you place in the final rankings, the better chance you have at getting a really awesome reward! If you place 1st 2nd or 3rd in a Tournament, you will receive a special Trophy Housing item!

These Tournaments cost Crowns to enter and the rewards will reflect their cost.

Tournaments cost 1499 Crowns to enter but Members have a discounted price as a Member benefit. Members only pay 899 Crowns per Tournament.


there are many other changed made and things of that sort. Read about them here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

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